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Ziontario is a place of adventure, discovery and 300 acres of endless natural beauty.  

"I hope the magnificence and the awe of Ziontario will remain for all those who discover it after us.  It is the ideal place to absorb the beauty of God's creations, whether it is the cedar scented path, the babbling waters of the river, the trees creaking in the wind, the majesty of the rolling hills or the profound power of the spirit of this place.  No matter how each of us feels our connection with a higher spirit, it can be experienced in abundance at Ziontario"  - Mel D.

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Ziontario operates and is maintained entirely by volunteers.  The Ziontario Board thanks all  volunteers, both past and present, for making Ziontario what it is today, and for the exciting things to come at our beloved grounds in the future.

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Find Us

Located in Grey Highlands, Grey County, ON, Ziontario is approximately 10 minutes southwest of Flesherton and 15 minutes east of Durham.

344516 N Line, Priceville, ON N0C 1K0

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